A little about us...

Hello gorgeous, this is Jenny, founder of Chic Supply Boutique. When I first came to Canada in 2007, it was hard for me to find Asian style clothes in Canadian retail stores. I had to buy them back in Asia (China/Korea) and brought them here. Their unique design and detailing often led to inquiries from my girl friends about where I found them.

Gradually, I decided to start my own clothing boutique online back in 2011. My goal was to help girls like myself gain access to beautiful garments, which not only have special detailing and Chic design, but also with a fair price and premium quality. Since then, this has become the driving force for myself and my team as we grew to help more girls find their better selves, one outfit at a time :)

We believe that
Every girl is beautiful in her own way.

Our garments are all hand-picked and manufactured by selected premium factories. With all the logistics involved, once an order is placed, it takes around 10 business days to have the product prepared, inspected and packaged to be shipped out.

Chic Supply is sincerely looking forward to make your life a little more beautiful.


Team CS